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Dental Implants & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bronx, New York

Improve your smile and boost your confidence to a whole new level with the dental implants and cosmetic dentistry services offered to you by Cohen's Gentle Dental in Bronx, New York.

Solutions for Any Dental Issues

Cohen's Gentle Dental offers you our dental implant service; a perfect and permanent solution for your missing teeth.
Some typical reasons for dental implants include:
  • Replacing One or More Missing Teeth without Affecting Your Adjacent Teeth
  • Resolving Joint Pain or Bite Problems Caused by Teeth Shifting into Your Missing Tooth Space
  • Restoring Your Complete Smile and, as a Result, Your Confidence
  • Restoring Your Chewing, Speech, and Digestion Functionality
  • Restoring or Enhancing Facial Tissues
  • Supporting a Bridge or Denture and Thus Making Them More Secure and Comfortable
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Dental Office Visit - Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Bronx, NY

Do You Desire the Perfect Smile?

In the past decade, there has been a dramatic interest in cosmetic dentistry.
We all realize that having a healthy, bright, beautiful smile dramatically enhances our appearance and allows us to smile with abundant confidence. Thanks to the advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, Cohen's Gentle Dental is able to improve your teeth and smile with quick, painless, and surprisingly affordable treatments. Our cosmetic dental treatments will offer you benefits including:
  • Filling Any Unattractive or Undesired Spaces between Your Teeth
  • Changing the Size, Shape, and Alignment of Certain Teeth
  • Replacing Any Previous or Unwanted Dental Treatments
  • Lightening or Brightening the Color of Your Teeth
  • Repairing Your Decayed, Broken, Cracked, or Chipped Teeth
  • Replacing Any of Your Missing Teeth
  • Improving or Correcting Your Bite
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